Billing and Payment Policies


Prior to each semester, students and authorized users will be notified by e-mail when their e-bill is ready to be viewed. Students and authorized users may pay their e-bills online by e-check or by credit card (note: a 2.75% convenience fee applies for credit cards). Traditional paper checks continue to be accepted, however, checks are scanned and converted to electronic payments.

The Fee bill will be based on the student's registration at the time of the bill. Any changes made after the initial billing (adds/drops/changes in financial aid) will be reflected in PeopleSoft. The balance due refers to the balance that you are required to pay the University of Connecticut after all eligible financial aid has been deducted from your semester charges. Any time a change has been made to your registration, you will be notified via Law School e-mail when the change has affected your tuition and fees.

A late payment fee of $150 is payable by all graduate & Law students whose tuition and fees are not paid in full on the published fee bill due date. If after Day 10 of the semester, the bill remains unpaid the student will be assessed a second $150 late fee. Checks returned by the bank for any reason are considered a late payment. Late fee appeals form can be found at the UConn Bursar website. They will also have a "Negative Service Indicator" or "Bursar hold" placed on their accounts. This hold prevents students from accessing services such as class registration, transcripts and computer or e-mail services. If the past due balance is less than $100, this hold will prevent student from obtaining official transcripts. It will not prevent students from adjusting their schedules. If the past due balance is greater than $100, this hold will prevent students from making changes to their schedules.

If you have a negative service indicator on your record, you can learn more about it by logging in to PeopleSoft Student Services Center by navigating:

Menu > Self Service > Student Center

Instructions for viewing your negative service indicator

An account deemed uncollectible by the University may be referred to a collection agency. The University of Connecticut makes every effort to advise students in advance of their account status so that outside collection activity is kept to a minimum.

Summer Session Billing

The fee for Summer 2020 study is $1,112 per credit for JD students, $1,215 for U.S. Legal Studies LL.M. students, Energy & Environmental Law LL.M. students and LL.M. Human Rights & Social Justice students and $1,326 per credit for Insurance Law LL.M. students. All students registered for summer will also be charged a one-time $30 technology fee. Students will be billed for all courses in which they are enrolled including Special Research Projects and externships. The deadline for the payment of fees is May 15, 2020 for the June session. For the July session, the deadline is June 26, 2020. Students who register after this date will be billed upon receipt of enrollment request (with payment due upon receipt of bill). The university offers a number of payment options. Please visit the law school's Student Portal for payment options.


Students auditing courses pay the same tuition and fees as those students who have enrolled for course credit. Tuition is charged on the basis of course credit hours, while the charge for the other fees (e.g., the General University Fee), is dependent on the students'  total course load (part-time, half-time or full-time).