University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan


The University of Connecticut requires all law students to maintain health insurance coverage. There are several ways to satisfy this requirement.

  • Purchase a policy through an independent broker of your choice;
  • Maintain coverage under an existing policy, such as one provided by a parent or spouse; or
  • Select automatic enrollment in the University of Connecticut Student Health Insurance Plan. The plan is administered by Consolidated Health Plans, Inc. and has contracted with Cigna as the plan provider. The enrollment period for Law School students is August 15th through the following August 14th. 

The current Student Health Insurance Plan is described in the plan linked above. There is an annual cost. The plan is fully compliant with recent federal regulation mandates and will offer preventative care. We urge you to carefully read the brochure and compare it to other coverage you may have. Returning students should note that Anthem is no longer an option under the Student Health Insurance Plan.

To enroll in the University-sponsored plan, no further action is necessary if you are registered for at least nine (9) credits. Enrollment will be automatic and the premium will be added to the fee bill of all students registered for nine credits or more. Students registered for less than nine credits wishing to enroll are directed to contact (860) 486-4535.

If you are covered by your private health insurance (or your spouse's) and a student health insurance charge appears on your student fee bill, an on-line waiver must be completed in order to avoid having the University's insurance charge added to your fee bill. The waiver enables you to decline (waive out of) the plan sponsored by the University because you are covered under another plan providing equal or better coverage. The on-line waiver is only available for use until September 15.

In order to complete the waiver process, you must use your seven-digit PeopleSoft student administration system ID to access your Student Center. This ID number can be found at the top left corner of your Student Fee Bill. Log on to your account, and from the HOME page, navigate to:

Menu> Self Service > Student Center > Finances > Student Permissions > Health Insurance Waiver

Detailed information regarding accessing the Health Insurance Waiver.

Students who fail to provide proof of coverage via a waiver will be enrolled automatically in the University sponsored plan and will be charged a premium on their student fee bills.

All non-immigrant international students will be required, at the time of registration, to show evidence of adequate insurance coverage for basic medical, major medical, and repatriation expenses. This requirement is a condition of admission and registration. International students should consult the Division of International Affairs, Department of International Services and Programs, regarding compliance with this requirement and assistance in enrolling in an approved insurance program, if necessary.

In recent years, college campuses have been especially hard hit with the outbreaks of Meningococcal disease. Meningococcal disease is rare but serious bacterial infection (not to be confused with a viral infection that can cause meningitis). Serogroup CN meningitidis is currently the most common cause of Meningococcal outbreaks in the United States. Student Health Services at the University's main campus in Storrs provides information about this disease so students can learn how to reduce the risk of exposure. Please visit the CDC website for more information.

For more information regarding the Student Health Insurance Plan, please visit the Consolidated Health Plans website.